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    9 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Being A Weirdo

    Because weirdos are outnumbering non-weirdos and soon we'll take over the world and you'll be left behind.

    You've always known you were weird.

    But you had to hide it for a long time because you were scared of judgement.

    Like petrified of being ostracized.

    You felt like it just wasn't worth the trouble to be yourself.

    Because the one time you tried, this happened:

    But, Jimmy a.k.a Drake is right.

    The time has come to embrace your weirdness and admit that...

    And that...

    Because embracing the weirdo in you opens the door to a world unlike any other.

    1. You can get away with a lot.

    Like a lot!

    Because everyone knows you are a weirdo. It's expected of you.

    2. You can sing freely, madly, deeply.

    About anything...

    ...and everything!

    And you get to make up lyrics guilt free!

    3. People underestimate your intelligence because you often come across like this:

    When you're actually secretly a genius.

    4. You ask questions incessantly.

    But it's because:

    Which makes you...

    5. You don't have to hide your inner child.

    In fact you'll be able to revel in it.

    6. You get to speak your own language, that only the "important" people understand.

    Easier for world domination.

    7. You can get rid of that filter and say whatever comes to your mind with aplomb.

    Stupid stuff included.

    With no need to hold back whatsoever.

    8. You don't have to hide the fact that you talk to things.

    Or yourself.

    9. And you'll finally be able to show off your bedroom dance moves.

    Unlike normal people land your world will be wondrous.

    As Aubrey says...

    Welcome home!

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