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5 Old School Cartoons That Made You Believe That Anything Could Happen

Be warned! You're going to want to stay home and watch cartoons all day.

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1. Dexter's Laboratory

When you thought you could create your own secret lab where you could do your thing and not have your annoying sibling ruin everything. Or maybe you associated yourself with DeeDee and just pressed every button you saw. And who doesn't remember that "omelet du fromage" episode?

2. The Jetsons

This one made you believe that by the time you were a grown up, you'd be zooming through the sky in your sky car and then just have it become your briefcase. Oh and that you'd just jet off to Jupiter when you needed to dance your weekend away.

3. Captain Planet

You believed that if you reduced, reused & recycled, Captain Planet would recruit you to be a Planeteer and together you could save the world. (And your parents took unfair advantage of this.)

4. Scooby-Doo

You couldn't wait to be a teenager because you thought it meant you could go on adventures in the Mystery Machine with your "gang" and catch colorful criminals in strange and exciting places. You also WISHED you could get a taste of Scooby Snax.

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