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13 Times Ellen DeGeneres Won At Photoshop In 2013

She is THE KING of dance, photoshop, comedy, television, and the world.

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1. That time she showed us all how to photobomb a selfie, THE right way. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

2. That time she indie rocked her way to the Grammy's and into our hearts. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

3. That time she was too cool for earth. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

4. That time when she April fooled us into believing she had gone brunette. / Via

And then revealed that she was kidding. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

5. That time she lived everyone's dream of being in Cher's music video, making us wish we had the power to turn back time as well. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

6. That time she spent an entire day at Disneyland with Prince Harry. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

7. That time she almost got the part of Princess Leia in the new Star Wars movie. So close!

Via Instagram: @theellenshow

8. That time she was a part of Destiny's Child and she shined brighter than Beyoncé. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

9. That time when it dawned on you that Chris Kirkpatrick was actually Ellen in disguise. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

10. That time she ran on the beach and did it better than Bo Derek. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

11. That time when Ellen decided Destiny's Child and 'N Sync weren't good enough for her, so she went back in time to be a part of A Flock of Seagulls. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

12. That time in 1877 when she took a fantastic yearbook photo and put all of our yearbook photos to shame. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow

13. That time she became the first woman to walk the moon. / Via Instagram: @theellenshow
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