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12 Things That Make Your First Day At A New Job Terrifying

As told by cats, because cats have the power to ease some of the terror you feel.

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1. When you walk in on your first day at your new job and you don't know where the heck to start.

Do I go left? Or right? Or to HR? Or the person who interviewed me? Aaaaaah!

2. When you finally figure out where you need to go and you look around and realize everyone is staring at you.

3. When the person who is showing you the ropes has been talking for over an hour and nothing makes sense to you.

4. When you get down to work and while doing some research, a porn window pops up.

5. When you take a bathroom break and come back to your desk, only it's not your desk. Yikes!

6. When you hear the person sitting next to you talk about Miley twerking and you want to jump in on the conversation but you can't because you want to maintain your image of professionalism for as long as you possibly can.

7. When you decide to eat lunch at your desk to impress your boss.

You shouldn't have done that because you don't know how to eat, remember?!

8. When you initiate a project to showcase all your "new" and "fresh" ideas.

9. When you see the intern hiding and you're like hmmm, I wonder why?

And you turn around to see the boss making his rounds.

10. When it hits you that the boss is not the head honcho.

11. When it's quitting time and everyone's leaving and you aren't really quite sure what to do.

12. When as you're leaving you get invited to join your new co-workers for a drink. And you're like who me?!

And then you realize that the first day wasn't so bad after all and that you may have even made some new friends!

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