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8 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Actually A Power Couple

We are totally going to be the next Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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1. Your "Big News" is never relationship-oriented, it's career-oriented.

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Who has time for love? We have success to worry about.

2. When others are talking about you, your BFF joins in


...But only to talk about how incredible you are and all the awesome things you've accomplished.

3. But when people talk about you guys together, you're like


We're better than you anyway. Bye.

4. They don't let you lose sight of your goals.

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Sure, you have a few off days, but they push you right back up again when the time is right.

5. They're your number one supporter


And always will be.

6. You already have plans for after you both get famous.


7. And as part of those plans, you are getting married in your twenties.


Because there's no one better to share your success and the rest of your life with than your best friend, right?

8. Only then will you be the next Beyonce and Jay-Z.

And you will slay.

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