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20 Things College Kids Use As An Excuse To Drink Excessively

Oh you remembered your myspace password? Hell yeah let's drink

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1. Snow

oh the sidewalks are slippery? I'm sure it would be easier to navigate through the snow if I was hammered. Because that makes sense

2. Sports

Professional poker is a sport, right?

3. Watching a Classic Movie

Drink every time there is a 3-way calling attack in Mean girls

4. A Pets Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday Fluffy!

5. Someone goes through an emotional breakup


6. Stress

2 tests and 3 papers coming up? Oh well

7. Philanthropy Events



8. Your RA is out of town

no RA no rules

9. Presidential Election

It doesn't matter if you're a republican or democrat, deep down we are all party animals

10. You actually went to class

and no, syllabus day does not count

11. You wore pants that don't have an elastic band at the waist

bonus points if your socks match too

12. You got a good grade on a test

C's get degrees

13. You got a bad grade on a test

wait, so I can't major in beer pong?

14. When the high school crew is in town

no one throws down like the hometown

15. You're hungover

Something has to take the pain away

16. One of your friends gets a real job

because we drink to success

17. One of your friends gets fired

Because we drink to drown our sorrows

18. It's Thursday

aka Thirsty Thursday

19. Your rival loses

ESPECIALLY when they lose to a much lesser team

20. Because your sober

where's the fun in that?

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