These 16 Facts About The Real People Behind "Inventing Anna" Are So Wild That I Think We Need A Season 2 So We Can See How They All Play Out

    Some of these definitely should have made it into the show.

    If you've watched Inventing Anna, you've probably gone on an internet deep dive or two looking for more facts about the people involved.

    Here are 16 more facts about the real people featured in Inventing Anna, and TBH, I think they're proof that we need a Season 2 ASAP:

    1. After Anna was released from prison, she began filming a docuseries of her own.

    2. She also dabbles in art, and made her post-prison return to Instagram with a series of sketches.

    3. Anna got sent back to prison just six weeks after her initial release.

    A woman lying in a jail cell

    4. Anna and several other detainees are currently suing ICE in an ACLU lawsuit, claiming they all contracted COVID-19 because they were denied booster shots.

    5. Before Anna started her scamming career, she went to Central Saint Martins, an elite fashion college in London.

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    6. Anna now has a relationship with her parents and said she talks to them several times a week, although she admits that they are confused by her fame.

    7. Neff Davis, who has remained close to Anna, said that she never felt betrayed by Anna's deception, and out of everything that happened, was the most upset that Anna never told her she was in need of a place to stay.

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    8. Kacy Duke was one of the founders of Equinox, serving as the inaugural Group Fitness Director for the exclusive gym.

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    9. Anna tried to reconnect with Kacy after she was released from prison, but Kacy was not having it.

    10. While the option to Rachel Williams' book My Friend Anna was purchased by Lena Dunham for development at HBO, the option has since expired and likely won't be hitting screens any time soon.

    A white woman with blonde hair posing and a pink book cover for My Friend Anna

    11. Anna claimed in a series of Instagram stories that before Rachel got her book deal, she approached Anna about writing a book together. Anna supposedly refused, and Rachel ended up writing the book on her own. Anna even said she has the receipts to back up her claims.

    12. Anna's lawyer, Todd Spodek, went on to represent a juror in the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

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    13. Anna Chlumsky's portrayal of the journalist behind the story wasn't the first time Jessica Pressler had been played onscreen.

    A blonde woman labeled Julia Stiles and a brunette woman labled Anna Chlumsky

    14. Jessica Pressler hoped that her trip to Germany to investigate Anna's home life would serve as the basis for a book about Anna.

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    15. Nora Radford, played in the show by Kate Burton, isn't technically a real person, but Anna did steal credit card information from someone she considered a mentor, and charged over $40,000 to the card.

    16. Alan Reed, the finance lawyer Anna hires while trying to get her loans approved, was based on Andrew Lance, who guided the IRL Anna through the loan process.

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