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If You Were Forced To Read A Truly Awful Classic Novel In School, Come Tell Us Which One And Why Exactly You Hated It So Much

To this day, my fight-or-flight response kicks in when someone mentions The Scarlet Letter.

Picture this: You're sitting in your 10th grade English class when your teacher announces the next book your class will be reading. Everyone groans because they've heard the horror stories about this one.

I'm almost positive there's a specific book that popped in your head, right?

For me, that book was The Scarlet Letter. I hated every single second of it and thought it was easily the most boring book I had ever been subjected to in school.

I'm a pretty big reader and generally enjoyed a lot of the books I was assigned, but not even my love of Easy A could have saved this one for me.

Now, I want to know if there are any books you read in school that have made a lasting (horrible) impression on you.

Maybe you think The Great Gatsby is overrated and was a huge waste of time...

...or perhaps you wish A Tale of Two Cities had simply never been published.

No matter what book it is, I want to know what it is and alllll of the details about why you hate it so much.

Share your picks in the comments! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.