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14 Oscar Scandals That Are So Juicy, They Probably Deserve To Win Best Picture

I am in disbelief that someone thought Rob Lowe's "Proud Mary" performance was a good idea.

It's Oscar season, and while I'm sure all of the nominated films are full of drama, I doubt they can top some of the scandals that have actually taken place on stage during the ceremony.

Here are 14 scandals from Academy Awards history, from Angelina Jolie kissing her brother on the red carpet to Rob Lowe's performance of "Proud Mary" that was so bad, a bunch of celebrities wrote a formal protest letter:

1. 2000: Angelina Jolie told everyone she was "so in love" with her brother during her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, then kissed him on the lips at an afterparty.

Angelina and her brother holding an award

2. 1974: A streaker ran onstage in the middle of the ceremony.

3. 2014: John Travolta absolutely flubs Idina Menzel's name, calling her "Adele Dazeem."

4. 1989: Rob Lowe and Snow White performed an incredibly cringy, Disney-fied duet of "Proud Mary."

5. 1973: Marlon Brando sent Sacheen Littlefeather onstage to decline his Best Actor win on his behalf in protest of the way Native Americans were treated in Hollywood.

6. 2003: Adrien Brody unexpectedly kissed Halle Berry after she presented him with the Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Pianist.

7. 1961: Elizabeth Taylor won Best Actress for a movie that she couldn't stop dissing, but got an emergency tracheotomy so she could be healthy enough to attend the ceremony.

Elizabeth wears a sleeveless dress and short hair as she poses with her award

8. 2000: The creators of South Park impersonated famous women on the red carpet and then admitted they were on acid the whole time.

The two men of South Park wearing iconic dresses from award shows of before

9. 1969: Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn tied for Best Actress, but Hepburn didn't show up so Streisand took home the prize.

10. 2017: Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty incorrectly announce La La Land as the winner of Best Picture, when Moonlight had really won the prize.

the presenters on stage while Jimmy Kimmel is off the side biting his fingernails

11. 1993: Marisa Tomei won Best Supporting Actress, but some claim the presenter read the wrong name and was too embarrassed to backtrack.

12. 2015: April Reign tweets #OscarsSoWhite, setting off a major movement in Hollywood.

#OscarsSoWhite they asked to touch my hair. 😒

Twitter: @ReignofApril / Via Twitter: @ReignOfApril

After the 2015 acting nominees were revealed to all be white, April Reign, a campaign finance lawyer, tweeted, "#OscarsSoWhite they asked to touch my hair." Within hours, the hashtag had gone viral and garnered attention from big names in Hollywood like Spike Lee. People were especially shocked that Ava DuVernay's Selma, which had been considered an Oscar favorite, had only been nominated for Best Song and Best Picture, freezing the film's stars out from the acting categories.

Reign later told the New York Times that the tweet wasn't even meant to be just a callout for the lack of Black nominees, but "the underrepresentation of all marginalized groups."

In 2016, all of the acting nominations once again went to only white performers, causing #OscarsSoWhite to resurface. "One time you could call a fluke, two times feels like a pattern," Reign told the New York Times.

After being called out, the Academy announced that they had implemented A2020, an initiative aiming to double the number of women and ethnically underrepresented members in the Academy by 2020 in order to boost the number of diverse nominees.

13. 2003: Michael Moore criticizes President Bush during his acceptance speech.

Moore holds his award and throws a peace sign

14. 2020: The lights went down in the middle of Parasite's Best Picture acceptance speech.

Any other scandals from Academy Awards history come to mind? Share them in the comments!