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22 Things Only Women With Tattoos Will Understand

It's tough living with your heart on your sleeve.

1. You're used to complete strangers labeling you.

2. People seem to think it's okay to ask you if you have tattoos in any private places.

3. You've been told countless times that your tattoos won't look good with your wedding dress.

4. Whenever you walk into a new tattoo shop, you'll be greeted with a smirk and a portfolio of butterfly art.

5. People assume you think you're tough shit.

6. It's hard to find an artist you feel comfortable getting mostly naked in front of.

7. Unlike they do with guys, artists will always make sure to stress how much it will hurt.

8. Therefore, you feel you need to pretend to be stronger than you are so the guys in the shop won't think you're a wimp.

9. It's super annoying when people tell you guys don't like girls with tattoos.

10. Even though you don't care what most people think, it's hard not to worry about what your partner's family will think.

11. People get irritated if you don't want to talk about the meaning of your tattoos.

12. But if you don't have a meaning behind it, they also get agitated.

13. If you're a mom, you're bound to be criticized for the "questionable" example you're setting for your kids.

14. If you get a tattoo in another language, people will assume you don't know what it means.

15. It's hard striking the perfect balance between badass and feminine.

16. Other chicks at tattoo shops can sometimes be pretty unwelcoming and territorial.

17. Some heavily-tattooed people will judge you if you only have a couple tiny tattoos.

18. If you have a tattoo, you're probably tired of people asking if you think you'll hate it in a few years.

19. You try not to fall for your tattoo artist during a long session.

20. Some people are really uncomfortable with the idea that not all of your tattoos are visible.

21. People love to ask you what your tattoos will look like when you're older.

22. You've probably been told your tattoos will look horrible if you gain weight or get pregnant.

You do you, girl.