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18 Reasons You Should Date A Vegetarian

How romaine-tic.

1. Vegetarians have better sex lives since plant-based diets can boost hormone levels.

2. Evidence suggests vegetarians have a lower mortality rate thanks to improved cardiovascular health.

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So they'll stick around longer.

3. Mushroom risotto is less expensive than filet mignon = They're cheaper dates.

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4. You'll never have to worry about them stealing your bacon.

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5. Being the butt of so many jokes, vegetarians have grown a thick skin.

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They'll probably laugh with you if you're funny enough.

6. Since they care about you, they'll encourage you to eat healthier.

7. But they can still indulge in the finest junk food with you.

8. They gave up pepperoni pizza, so it's safe to say they aren't afraid of commitment.

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9. Evidence suggests vegetarians have improved moods, meaning fewer fights.

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10. They are compassionate toward animals, so they'll most likely be sweet to you even when you're in the dog house.

11. They can whip up some meals that will have even die-hard carnivores drooling.


Don't worry, your secret love for vegan sloppy Joes is safe.

12. They have incredible role models — literally some of the smartest and most inspiring people in history.

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With friends like these, who needs meat?

13. They give great cruelty-free gifts.

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So you can have a squeaky-clean conscience.

14. Ethical vegetarians have done their research and can teach you a thing or two.

15. Vegetarians are daring and stand up for what they believe in, so they'll be supportive of you too.

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They know what they've got, and they're not afraid to flaunt it.

16. They can turn a shopping trip into a fun date.

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Perks of going to the farmers market: puppies, live music, and free samples.

17. Since they probably won't want to use your meat-greased pans, they'll use and wash their own dishes.

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18. According to a survey vegetarians are less judgmental of potential partners.

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So they're more likely to put up with your nonsense and date you in the first place.