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23 Things You Should Stop Saying To Tall Women

"I love your shirt!" It's a dress.

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1. "Woah! You’re huge!"


Excuse me?

2. "How tall are you??"


Go away.

3. "Do you play basketball?"

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4. "Do you play volleyball?"

5. "Your boobs are the perfect place for me to rest my head."

6. "You’re the perfect height for my future boyfriend."


I think you meant to say I'm the perfect *height.

7. "Are those supposed to be pants or capris?"

*feels breeze on ankle* *cries*

*feels breeze on ankle* *cries*

8. "I like your shirt!"

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It's a dress.

9. "I can always find you in a crowd!"

10. "Trying on your shoes makes me feel like I’m a little girl trying on her mom’s shoes!"

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But really... I don't care.

11. "Can I have a piggy back?"



12. "Is it hard finding guys tall enough to date you?"

why are girls afraid of wearing heels and being taller than guys? no, you wear those heels that you love & pat his head like he's ur son

Via Twitter: @tallgirlprblem

13. "Your kids will definitely be basketball players."


Actually, my kids can do whatever the f*ck they want. But thanks!

14. "You’ve got really good posture. Good for you! If I were tall I would slouch."

15. "How’s the weather up there?"


LOL! I have definitely never heard that one before! :-) :-) :-)

16. "You totally rock being tall, but I'm so glad I'm normal sized."


Oh, okay.

17. "[Someone I know] is really tall too! She hates it, do you hate it?"

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No but I hate you.

18. "Is it hard finding someone tall enough to date you?"

Via http://file://localhost/Users/maddiefitzpatrick/Desktop/Not%20interested%20in%20caring%20about%20people.gif

19. "Don't you think those shorts are a little short?"

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My legs are long. Get over it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

20. "I only date girls who are under 5’8”."

I only date people who are interested in me because of my ~charming~ personality, but thanks for playing.

I only date people who are interested in me because of my ~charming~ personality, but thanks for playing.

21. "Can you move to the back? I can’t see."


22. "Can you, like, bend over so I can make this picture a square for Instagram?"

This feels natural.

This feels natural.

23. "Do you ever wish you were averaged sized?"


The real question is, don't you wish you were as fabulous and unique as me?

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