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22 Things That All "Mom" Friends Can Relate To

Can you ground your friends?

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1. Everyone assumes you love kids.


Even if kids are your forte, being a "mom" friend and being an actual MOTHER are two very, very different things that are not synonymous with each other.

2. Everyone comes to you first when big events happen in their lives.


They know you'll be a perfect blend of happy, proud and affirming, like any good mom. "HOLY SHAT I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!"

3. People assume you don't like to drink because you're almost always the DD.

4. By default you’re in charge of the DABs because “you’re just so good at it!”


Drunk. Ass. Bitche$. Please stop crying and drink this water.

5. Bodily functions don’t even phase you.


“Oh, how do you know Jen?”

“She got too drunk last week and threw up on me when I was helping her in the bathroom.”

6. It takes all of your self control not to freak out when the same DAB friend of yours doesn't even thank you for helping them all night.


"You didn't have to help me, I would have been fine"


7. Or when the person you helped thinks you should have done more to prevent their alcohol induced demise.


"You should have stopped me!"

"Not hard enough..."

8. Regardless of how much you actually drink when you're not the DD, you're still the least drunk because you know someone is going to inevitably need your help.


Do you need water? Are you going to throw up? Am I going to throw up?

9. You are always in the middle of other peoples drama.

10. But that's because you're so good at giving advice.

11. By default, you know everyone's ~dirty little secrets~.


It's because you're so trustworthy. People don't even have to tell you not to tell anyone because they know you got that shit on lock down.

12. People take you seriously.

13. ...sometimes too seriously.

HBO / Via

"We didn't invite you out with us because we didn't think you'd want to take care of us all night!"

14. You give really good hugs.


15. You want to document everything for ~the memories~, so you're always stuck taking pictures of your friends.

16. You’re really good at talking to adults - actual mom’s love you.


You blend in ***flawlessly.

17. You know when your friends aren't telling you the truth.

18. Because, like any good mom who knows their kids, you know when you're being bullshitted (bullshat?).

19. It's happened where your willingness to help gets taken advantage of.

HBO / Via


20. And sometimes you feel like you're missing out on the joys of being irresponsible and reckless.

HBO / Via

From time to time you wonder if you'll ever *really* get to be one of the "youths".

21. But all things considered, you embrace being the "mom" friend. Hey, chances are you learned from the best.

22. Not to mention...

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