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    26 Healthy Halloween Snack Hacks

    The child in me just threw a tantrum... and then grew up and thanked me.

    1. Candy corn fruit parfait

    2. Theme colorful fruit skewers

    3. Hummus Halloween

    4. Skeleton veggie plater

    5. Spooky caprese

    6. Deviled pumpkin eggs

    7. Lose your teeth bobbing for apples

    8. Finger dip

    9. Honeydew Halloween

    10. Ghost tost

    11. Cracker Spider

    12. Party pumpkins

    13. Boo-nanas

    14. Scary Spider Guac

    15. Grilled cheese jack-o-lanterns

    16. Witch's Broom

    17. Ghoul pasta

    18. Olive snake

    19. Bone bread sticks

    20. Mummy toast

    21. Candy corn veggie platter

    22. Celery mummies

    23. Goblin grins

    24. Cheese ghouls

    25. Jack-o-lantern carrot plate

    26. Frankenstein veggie platter