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10 Awesome "Game Of Thrones" Women To Be For Halloween

Was "awesome" even necessary to put in the title?

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1. Daenerys in Qarth

What you'll need:

1. Blue dress with gold accents (buy fabric or paint gold on)

2. Golden belt (can be made of foam)

3. Silver-blonde hair

4. Purple contact lenses

5. Regality

Further DIY Directions Here And Here.

2. Khaleesi Danaerys

What you'll need:

1. Suede brown halter top

2. Suede brown skirt

3. Suede brown boots

4. Brown, fingerless gloves

5. Rope belt

6. Black, toy dragon

7. Silver-blonde wig

8. An open heart

6. Sansa Stark

What you'll need:

1. Pink, flowing dress with flared sleeves

2. Golden belt (can be made out of foam and painted gold)

3. Dragonfly necklace

4. Auburn red hair

5. Fairy tale dreams

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