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Ten Reasons You Should Be Watching Carmilla

Carmilla is a web series based on a 1871 gothic novella about a female vampire who has a real gift with the ladies. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyways.

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2. The tiniest pluckiest hero

VervegirlTV / Via

Laura Hollis, the non-fanged lead is a journalist documenting the mysteries of her college via web videos. She also says things like "Holy Crapsticks!" Ten bucks says if BuzzFeed exists in her world she makes posts like "10 Ways To Know Your Roomate Is A Vampire".

4. Fashionable ladies

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From Carmilla's leather and flannel get up to Danny's classic tomboy baseball tee to LaFontaine and Perry's hipster swag, there is an icon for every girl's style. It might not be good for your budget though, every episode leaves me wanting new clothes.

5. LaFerry

VervegirlTV / Via

Who are these ladies oh ya know, just the cutest redhead ship to ever appear on your screen. Not the mention they're incredible cogs of the Silas University crew both together and apart. Oh, and one half of this duo is the captain of their ship. Seriously.

6. The most endearing bros

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You may be asking, is this a lady-fest? Probably not though because who doesn't want that? But if you are in search of some male eye candy, the frat bros are ace and say things like "We made a vow as Zetas, if there's a hottie we'll be on her."

7. The Creampuffs

i-lost-my-hat / Via

That's the official name of the fandom, you'll just have to watch the series to find out why. But for a webseries that premiered only a few months ago, the size and passion of the fandom is huge. No matter who you ship, you're not alone. Seriously, just check their Tumblr tags, the fan art is dope.

8. The magnificent cast and crew

Natasha Negovanlis / Via Twitter: @natvanlis

Not only are they amazing and active on social media, always interacting with fans (check out IRL Carmilla, Natasha Negovanlis on Twitter) but about half are actual queer people. Queer media made by queer people: it actually exists.

9. Clever, campy writing

imherseeestra / Via

The writers come up with lines like "We need to girl the hell up!" and “You look like you’re about to flee your brooding lover across the moors.” Also they write strong female characters who help each other out, what could be better (and harder to find) than that?

10. Drama and cliffhangers galore

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I can't just give you ALL the good stuff but there is actual vampire biting, ladies kicking frat bro ass and one sinister Dean in your viewing future. Welcome to the Creampuffs, dear viewers. Get moving, you've got 25 episodes to catch up on!

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