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    Ranking All The Disney Male Leads By Hotness

    "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest of them all?"

    16. Peter Pan


    Peter Pan was adorable as hell and is so excited for life, but he's also the youngest of the lot, so he's last on this list. Sorry, bb.

    15. The Prince, Snow White


    He saved Snow White and had the voice of an angel, but that baby face just didn't work. There's also the fact that he never had an official name in the film. SKETCHY.

    14. Kristoff, Frozen


    Kristoff's the type of guy that would stay forever ~frozen~ in the friend zone. He was cute and sweet, but a little too nice and non-douchey to be hot. Sorry boo!

    13. Beast, Beauty And The Beast


    Though he was a literal beast, he was so damn hot. He was an angry, lonely dude, but the fact that he opened himself up to be loved and changed gives him major points. At the end of the day though he was still a beast, and there's that whole potential Stockholm Syndrome thing.

    12. John Smith, Pocahontas


    John Smith was hot and perhaps had the best hair of all the Disney guys, but there's the whole "invading another land to kill and take what isn't ours" thing that one can't ignore. Y'know?

    11. Hercules


    Hercules went from being a wimpy goofball to a sexy goofball. He was cool with being with a strong woman, and even though he let his riches go to his head at times, he always did what was best for his family.

    10. Prince Charming, Cinderella


    Prince Charming was the prince that every girl dreams about, but he doesn't get much screen time in Cinderella, so it's hard to get to know his personality. He seemed a little sassy and didn't care about class-status, but was just a little too vanilla to be No. 1 on this list.

    9. Prince Naveen, The Princess And The Frog


    Prince Naveen was hot in that douchebag-rich-kid way. He had a smile that let you know he wasn't the world's ~best~ guy, but he was so cute you could look past it. Granted he got nicer after his whole frog experience, but since he spent most of his film in frog form, it's hard to rank him higher.

    8. Li Shang, Mulan


    Li Shang was athletic, smart, and tbh, had some great shirtless scenes. He loses points for buying into some bullshit patriarchy nonsense and being a dick in the beginning, but luckily he got over that and redeemed himself in the end.

    7. Tarzan


    Tarzan was athletic, funny, loving, and he learned almost an entire language in what seemed like a week. He was willing to die for his family and friends, but he loses points for making some dumb decisions just for a girl that only resulted in death.

    6. Simba, The Lion King


    Yes, he was a lion but don't lie — you totally had the hots for him. He was cute, sweet, and goofy, but also a total badass. He loses points for being reckless at times, but ultimately, Simba was such a freakin' hottie.

    5. Kovu, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride


    Kovu ranks one above Simba because he had that extra bad-boy/forbidden charm to him. He's that kid in high school that wears leather jackets, smokes behind school, and seems like a badass, only for you to realize he has a heart of gold and is secretly sensitive.

    4. Flynn Rider, Tangled


    Flynn might have been a little self-centered at first, but the way he looked at Rapunzel made our hearts melt. He was adventurous and funny, and hands down had the best hair.

    3. Prince Philip, Sleeping Beauty


    What was not to love about Prince Philip? He was sassy, could sing and dance, fought a goddamn dragon, and he stood up to his crazy old father multiple times. All of that puts him WAY ahead of everyone else, plus he was crazy hot based on looks alone.

    2. Aladdin


    Aladdin wasn't only cute, but he risked his life and blew one of his wishes on becoming a prince — not for riches, but for love. Dreamy, much? He had a heart of gold, was funny, adventurous, and cared more about his friends than himself (hello, freeing Genie instead of becoming a prince again to marry Jasmine).

    1. Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid


    Will Prince Eric ever NOT be number one? Doubtful. Those eyes, that smile. He was an animal lover, a sexy sailor prince, and fell in love with an extremely weird silent girl, not to mention defeating Ursula. Bow down to the hottest of them all.

    1. So, who do you think is the hottest?

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    So, who do you think is the hottest?
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      The Beast
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      Prince Charming
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      Prince Eric

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