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A Ranking Of The 20 Hottest Disney Animal Characters

don't try to deny your childhood crush of Simba

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20. Sebastian the Crab, The Little Mermaid

Sebastian had that sexy accent on top of loyalty, compassion and being an all around good guy. However, he was a little too parent like with his constantly nagging and disapproval.

19. Shere Khan, The Jungle Book

Shere Khan was like the Scar of Jungle Book. He was an asshole and toyed with Mowgli as he hunted him. Still though, there's something about a tiger...

18. Scar, The Lion King

It was Scar's I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude that made him so hot. He was so aloof and had this casual ease to him and the scar only helped add to the mystery. The whole murdering your brother and then making your child nephew think it was his fault, then proceeding to drive the pride into starvation thing is a little of a mood killer though.

17. Flick, A Bug's Life

Flick's that guy that is cute and good meaning yet everything just seems to go wrong for him. He almost lost all the food supply and pissed off the grasshoppers, then hired a circus troop of all things to save the day. Thankfully he was cute and fixed it so it was all good in the end.

16. Maximus, Tangled

Maximus is like that big jock who acts tough but secretly is a big softy inside. He knew he had to get a job done but ultimately was okay losing if it meant the right thing was done in the end.

15. Bagheera, The Jungle Book

Bagheera was smart, witty and a sweet and fierce protector over Mowgli. At times he could be a bit too much of a lecturer but he truly loved Mowgli, which made all the more hotter.

14. Kerchak, Tarzan

Kerchak was kind of an asshole, especially towards Tarzan, but we get that he was emotionally destroyed by his young son's death. Despite his asshole attitude, he was hella hot. Look at those arms! He also walked into any room, or rather clearing, with such confidence and power.

13. Pongo, 101 Dalmations

Pongo always had such DILF vibes going on. He's like that hot young dad you see in the park that only gets hotter when you see how attentive he is to the baby strapped to his chest.

12. Bambi, Bambi

Bambi's that kid that everyone thinks is so cute and little, solidly in the friend zone, then miraculously becomes hot and buff some summer. He was sweet and innocent and grew into a total badass king of the forest.

11. Tod, Fox and the Hound

The short Netflix summary of The Fox and the Hound alone is enough to make one cry. The shining light of this heartbreaking moving was the total fox (pun intended) Tod. He was totally loyal and sweet to Cooper and super kind and romantic towards Vixey when he grew up.

10. Mufasa, The Lion King

Mufasa was the DILFs of DILFs. He was wise, powerful and kind, the holy trifecta. It's no wonder Simba turned out so cute with a babe of a dad like this.

9. Lumiere, Beauty and the Beast

Come on who didn't think Lumiere's accent was sexy? He was suave and charming and I think we all wished we were Babette.

8. Jake, The Rescuers Down UnderW


Who can resist a man with a sexy Australian accent that is loyal, brave and daring? Sure he was a mouse but Jake was also a totally hot. Who wouldn't love an Australian cowboy mouse?

7. Tramp, Lady and the Tramp

Tramp's like that last guy in a group of friends to settle down. He was wild and carefree with commitment issues but Lady's charm was enough to convince him to settle down finally. Plus, that spaghetti kiss is iconic.

6. Max Goof, A Goofy Movie


Max Goof is the classic cute skater/stoner guy. He's loveable, chill and adventurous. Sure his friends might be a little immature and his dad's a little clingy, but just look at that sweet smile.

5. Thomas O'Malley, The Aristocats

Who wouldn't love to get serenaded by Thomas O'Malley? He was ridiculously charming, he could sing, and he was so good at dealing with three little kids.

4. Robin Hood, Robin Hood

Robbin Hood was the sexiest fox in all of Nottingham and Disney if we're being honest. He was good with kids, cared about other, was a master at archery and brought down a corrupt leader. Not to mention he was a downright gentleman with Maid Marian.

3. The Beast, Beauty and the Beast

There's no denying that Beast was well an ass at the beginning of the movie. But the more he let Belle in the better he became. He let go of the woman he loved, the woman that could have broken his curse. Not to mention his body was totally ripped...even if it was covered in fur.

2. Kovu, The Lion King II

Kovu was like a heavenly combination of Scar's bad boy attitude, Mufasa's great looks, and Simba's goofy charm. He was the sarcastic bad boy that was secretly the sweetest. Plus he looked damn hot after he got that scar.

1. Simba, The Lion King

How could Simba not be number one? He's the guy we all had crushes on growing up. He was adventurous, sweet and grew into one powerful, hot lion. We all wished we had been Nala and we all swooned the first time we saw him change from a baby to a babe.

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