18 Times Mulan Proved She Was The Best Disney Princess

    The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

    1. She was funny.

    2. She was all of us checking out a hot shirtless guy.

    3. She could fix her hair effortlessly.

    4. She convinced an army she was a man.

    5. She kicked Shang's ass.

    6. She made it to the top when no one else could.

    7. She understood that a naked male isn't always a gift.

    8. She made her father so damn proud.

    9. She was a feminist before it was cool.

    10. She was a badass who destroyed almost the entire Hun army.

    11. She taught her friends that being a woman had its advantages.

    12. She managed to give herself a flawless haircut with a sword and no mirror.

    13. She was admired by the Emperor of China.

    14. She only ever wanted to be herself.

    15. She never gave up.

    16. She took on, and defeated, Shan Yu.

    17. She saved Shang (again) and wasn't afraid to take credit for her achievements.

    18. She had the respect of all of China.

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