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    12 Reasons Francis Bacon Is The Most Buzzed About Rhetorician We Have Ever Known (But We Already Knew That)

    Hey EWM-ers, we all know learning about different rhetoricians is hard, but Francis Bacon is one of the coolest you'll meet-- and that's why he made our countdown. Read more to learn about why he is the most sizzling rhetorician that has ever graced a Buzzfeed. By: Maddie McCanna

    1. He was born in the Enlightenment, which was so full of awesome people do we really need to continue?

    2. He has put all of our educational pursuits to shame, because he started college at age 12.

    3. He was the Enlightenment's version of a political mogul, put that in your pan and cook it.

    4. He was a scandalous bad ass.

    He was convicted for taking improper gifts and was imprisoned, fined, and banned from holding a position in public office EVER AGAIN. Tough love, I guess. Now that we know about his life and tragic end (because let's be honest, he wouldn't be Buzzfeed-able if he didn't have at least one scandal) let's get down to the delicious details of his man-crushes, theories, and his work.

    5. He had some prime man-crushes and clearly, great taste.

    6. The Five Faculties of the Mind

    Bacon took what he loved from his three heartthrobs and formulated his faculties of the mind. Each of the five faculties below implement different functions of the brain, according to Bacon:

    1. Understanding

    2. Reason

    3. Imagination

    4. Appetites

    5. Will

    He also claimed that academic knowledge are products of the components of the mind. For example, history relates to memory, poetry to imagination, and theology to reason and imagination.

    7. The Functions Performed by the Faculties

    8. He showed us communication is not as basic as we all thought.

    9. He was BIG on delivery and presentation, without that how would we have gotten through our powerpoint stages in high school? Oh yea, we wouldn't have.

    10. He has Idols, just like everyone else.. well sort of.

    11. He thought that the role of rhetoric is to recall and explain what was discovered by other arts.

    In short:

    "The invention of speech or argument is not properly an invention: for to invent is to discover." -Francis Bacon

    12. He knows and agrees that plagiarism is completely uncool and NOT okay