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    5 Food Subscriptions To Keep Your Guy From Getting Hangry

    Guys are the biggest babies when they're hungry. Here's some food subscriptions to buy him so he doesn't turn into a hangry monster and ruin your day.

    1. BroteinBox: (Protein-Packed Snacks For Bros Who Get Their Swole On)

    BroteinBox / Via

    Working out with your man is supposed to be good for your relationship but things can go from good to bad pretty quick when hunger sets in. Anyone else ever been in an all out screaming match about what to get for FREAKING DINNER after a workout? It's not pretty. BroteinBox sends him a box of high-protein snacks to keep on hand for when hunger strikes.

    2. Mantry: (The Modern Man's Pantry, Delivered Monthly)

    Mantry / Via

    There's no bigger turn off than going to a guy's place for the first time only to discover his palate is still stuck in college. Ramen and cereal don't count as dinner anymore. Mantry supplies your guy with restaurant-worthy recipes and ingredients to help him refine his cooking habits. Nothing better than a man who can cook, am I right?!

    3. Bean Box: (Hipster-Approved Gourmet Coffee From Seattle)

    Bean Box / Via

    Bring out your man's inner hipster with coffee from roasters in Seattle. Before you know it, he'll be talking about cupping and tasting notes. Plus, who wants to deal with their guy before he's had his morning cup of joe? That's right, nobody. Bean Box makes sure he never runs out of the good stuff.

    4. Ag Local: (Pasture Raised Meat For Health-Conscious Carnivores)

    Ag Local / Via

    Is your guy a carnivore with a soft spot for animals? Ag Local lets him choose from all different types of meat from farms that raise their animals responsibly. This subscription gives new meaning to knowing where your food comes from, every farm that supplies Ag Local is highlighted on the website.

    5. Ship & Dip: (Fancy Small-Batch Condiments, Sent To His Door)

    Ship & Dip / Via

    Does he slather ketchup on everything he eats? Show him there's life beyond ketchup with this monthly condiment service. Ship & Dip curates the best up-and-coming condiments from around the country and delivers them to his door every month. Who knows, you might actually want to raid his condiment collection for once?!