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    5 Songs That Show How Stereotypically Similar Dirt Road Country Songs Are

    Country artists love to sing about the topics that make country music “country,” songs about trucks, throwing ‘em back, heartache, love, momma, hometowns, nostalgia, and many more. Some songs are about one of these stereotypes, like love and breakup songs, but others actually seem to list the stereotypes throughout the entire song and create a song that’s about every single aspect of country music. One type of country songs that might not be so obvious to everyone is dirt road songs, and it seems like dirt road songs include that kind of list that was just mentioned. All of the stereotypical topics that come up in nearly every country song actually come to life on dirt roads, and that is exactly what dirt road songs are made up of. This list of songs is a collaboration of tunes that all tell stories about everything that actually goes down on dirt roads. These 5 songs reveal to you just how stereotypically similar dirt roads songs actually are.

    1. “Dirt Road Anthem” (2010) by Jason Aldean

    2. “Take a Back Road” (2011) by Rodney Atkins

    3. “End of a Dirt Road” (2010) by Josh Abbott band

    4. “Good Directions” (2006) by Billy Currington

    5. “Red Dirt Road” (2003) by Brooks and Dunn

    Every country music fan, whether you're a country bumpkin or a city slicker, understands the fact that country music is full of stereotypes. Music Times shared that The Hardline, a Dallas radio station, came up with its own definition of country music and it is hysterically accurate: "You have to have a truck, girl, beer and/or liquor, farm equipment, mud/dust, rural setting like a river, jeans, boots, guns, critters. If you run out of things to talk about, just mention the troops." That definition is spot on and all of the dirt road songs included in this listicle are more or less full of those stereotypes. Most of the songs in this list have received mixed reviews about the songs being built on genre stereotypes that are ruining country music. Whether you agree or disagree with that fact, this listicle included 5 songs that reveal how stereotypically similar dirt road songs are through the use of "countryisms."