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23 Reasons Zoe Hart And Wade Need To Get Back Together

It's time for the Hart of Dixie couple to evolve or die.

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1. He always knows how to calm her down.

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Even if he's the one that got her worked up.

2. He's handy around the house.

3. He always tries to keep an eye out for Zoe's best interest.

4. Sure, he can be kind of an ass.

5. And yes, she has other options...

But Wade is a whole other level.

6. Because they make each other better.

7. And when they look into one another's eyes, the entire world stops around them.

8. There is never a dull moment.

9. Even their fights are adorable.

10. And the fact that he happily participates in all the weird town traditions makes him even better.

11. When he's vulnerable, it's so sweet it breaks your heart.

12. And honestly, how could you say no to someone so beautiful?

13. And who looks so cute in plaid?

14. Also, he's great with kids.

15. He's the perfect amount of sassy.

16. And funny

17. He looks great holding a guitar.

18. And is surprisingly sweet.

19. They're like magnets.

20. Who can't seem to break their connection.

21. And yes, he has messed up in the past.

22. But, he tries and that is what is most important.

23. JK, what's important is that he looks like this.

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