How Big Of A Harry Potter Super-Fan Are You Actually?

So you think you’re a wizard?

  1. Click all that apply to you, ya Muggle!
    1. 1 You’ve read the series more than once because you get something new out of it every time you read.
    2. 2 You’ve read the series more than five times.
    3. 3 You’ve read the series more than 10 times.
    4. 4 You’ve read the series more than 50 times.
    5. 5 You own more than one set of the series.
    6. 6 In more than one language.
    7. 7 But you still only read the first editions you got after their initial releases.
    8. 8 And you would save them first if there were a fire.
    9. 9 You waited in line at midnight when the books came out.
    10. 10 You stayed up all night to finish a book so that no one would spoil it for you.
    11. 11 You’ve listened to the books on audiobook.
    12. 12 And you have strong opinions on whose reading you like better: Jim Dale’s or Stephen Fry’s.
    13. 13 You needed a few days to recover when Dumbledore died.
    14. 14 And you still haven’t recovered from Fred Weasley’s death.
    15. 15 You secretly hope someone loves you the way that Snape loved Lily.
    16. 16 When you read “…people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: ‘To Harry Potter — the boy who lived!’” you can’t help but sing Hedwig’s Theme.
    17. 17 You grew up with Harry.
    18. 18 In fact, you can’t remember your life before Harry.
    19. 19 You waited for your Hogwarts letter.
    20. 20 You cried when it didn’t come.
    21. 21 You made fake ones and mailed them to yourself.
    22. 22 You still cry that you don’t have one.
    23. 23 You remember the golden days of Jo’s website when she had polls and actually answered fan questions.
    24. 24 You’ve been forever scarred by the Mark Evans debacle.
    25. 25 You remember the agony of the three-year wait between “Goblet of Fire” and “Order of the Phoenix.”
    26. 26 You’ve seen all the films.
    27. 27 At midnight.
    28. 28 And at the end of each one you had to be pulled from your seat.
    29. 29 You bought tickets the minute they were available, even though it was months early.
    30. 30 You dressed up to see them.
    31. 31 You screamed when the lights went down.
    32. 32 You screamed when the music started.
    33. 33 You screamed when the title came up.
    34. 34 You screamed when you first saw Harry.
    35. 35 You camped out for a premiere.
    36. 36 You camped out for more than one premiere.
    37. 37 You camped out for every premiere.
    38. 38 You have VERY strong opinions about the different directors and adaptations.
    39. 39 Especially “Prisoner of Azkaban.”
    40. 40 You were annoyed that Robert Pattinson betrayed his roots for “Twilight.”
    41. 41 You believe Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape.
    42. 42 And it made you smile when you found out that the actors were too scared to talk to him while filming the first movie.
    43. 43 You’re still pissed Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes in the movie weren’t green.
    44. 44 And didn’t match young Lily’s eyes in “Deathly Hallows Part 2.”
    45. 45 You have strong feelings about Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore versus Richard Harris’ Dumbledore.
    46. 46 And you’ve made fun of Michael Gambon’s “HARRY, DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THAT GOBLET OF FIRE?!” in the fourth film.
    47. 47 You’ve been upset when they cut your favorite book scene from the movie because of “pacing.”
    48. 48 But seriously, fuck pacing.
    49. 49 You joined Pottermore.
    50. 50 You took the Sorting Hat quiz.
    51. 51 You were unhappy with your result but pretended you weren’t because you knew that the Sorting Hat couldn’t be wrong.
    52. 52 You were happy with your result and told everyone that would listen.
    53. 53 You’ve been let down by Pottermore and you’re still waiting/praying for JKR to write a full encyclopedia.
    54. 54 You’ve read Harry Potter fan fiction.
    55. 55 You’ve written Harry Potter fan fiction.
    56. 56 You bought and beat all of the computer and console games.
    57. 57 You played Quidditch in college.
    58. 58 You still play it.
    59. 59 You’ve dressed up as a character for Halloween.
    60. 60 You’ve done Harry Potter bar trivia.
    61. 61 You visit fan sites like Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron regularly.
    62. 62 You were not happy with the Mugglenet April Fools’ joke.
    63. 63 You’ve listened to “Mugglecast”, “Pottercast”, and/or “Alohomora”.
    64. 64 You’re still upset that “Mugglecast” didn’t finish chapter-by-chapter for “Order of the Phoenix.”
    65. 65 You love Starkid and/or “Harry Potter Puppet Pals”.
    66. 66 Your Wi-Fi is named after The Chamber of Secrets or the Room of Requirement.
    67. 67 You made a pilgrimage to the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour in London.
    68. 68 You’ve been to and taken a photo with Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross.
    69. 69 You went to “Harry Potter: The Exhibition.”
    70. 70 You went to Oxford to see “The Great Hall.”
    71. 71 You went to Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
    72. 72 You’ve had Butterbeer.
    73. 73 You’ve tried to make your own.
    74. 74 You’ve thrown a Harry Potter-themed party.
    75. 75 You know what your Patronus would be.
    76. 76 You’ve read “The Tales of Beedle the Bard.”
    77. 77 You’ve read “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”
    78. 78 And can’t wait for the movie.
    79. 79 You’ve read “Quidditch Through the Ages.”
    80. 80 You already have tentative plans to go to London for the Harry Potter prequel play even though you don’t know when in 2015 it will open.
    81. 81 You were insulted when JKR said that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together.
    82. 82 You have a Harry Potter tattoo.
    83. 83 You listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack.
    84. 84 And you cry whenever you hear it.
    85. 85 You’ve been to Harry Potter conference like Leaky Con.
    86. 86 You’ve been more than once.
    87. 87 You’ve seen J.K. Rowling read/speak.
    88. 88 You’ve seen her more than once.
    89. 89 You cried while it was happening.
    90. 90 You’ve cried while reading Harry Potter.
    91. 91 You’ve laughed out loud while reading.
    92. 92 You’ve cried while watching the movies even though you knew what was coming.
    93. 93 You’ve cried BECAUSE you knew what was coming.
    94. 94 You’ve told someone “The ones we love never really leave us.”
    95. 95 When someone asks you about Snape you feel emotions you didn’t even know existed.
    96. 96 And “Always” will never mean the same thing ever again.
    97. 97 You are already excited for when you get to introduce the series to your children.
    98. 98 When you think about the fact that you’ll never read Harry Potter for the first time again you start to tear up.
    99. 99 And you flat-out sob every time you hear “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”
    100. 100 But you’ve made friends you’ll have forever because of Harry Potter and you wouldn’t change that for the world.

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