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What It Is Like To Have Met "Your Person," As Told By "Grey's Anatomy"

Meredith and Cristina have nothing on you guys.

Everyone awww'd when "Grey's Anatomy" created the concept of "My Person."

And you aww'd extra loud because you know exactly what that's like.

1. Because you and your best friend are always on the same team.

2. Even if it means you have to do things you don't want to do. Like working out.

3. Even if you're incredibly busy, you'll make time to check in with each other.

4. Even if it means you have to sit with them while they work.

5. They'll get drunk and dance with you when no one else will.

6. And lay on the ground with you when you just can't handle your day.

7. They'll listen to you complain about your love life.

8. And will have your back.

9. They'll listen to you at your craziest moments.

10. And tell you what you need to hear. Even if what you need to hear is to shut up.

11. You act like a married couple.

12. You're always together, even when people don't think it's appropriate.

13. You talk about growing old together.

14. You understand each other's logic even if it makes zero sense.

15. Because you have your own language.

16. Sometimes you don't even need to say anything.

17. You can just make a face and they can read it word for word.

18. You know you can always share secrets because they'll always keep them.

19. On the worst days they'll hold you.

20. You know that family doesn't have to be blood related.

21. And you never have to worry about losing them.

22. Because they'll always be "your person".

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