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    What It's Really Like To Be A Vegetarian

    Are you sure you're getting enough protein?

    1. You hate the default "vegetarian pasta" dish.

    2. Or the oh-so-mouthwatering "selection of sides" dinner.

    3. You tell people you get your protein from this...

    4. But you really get most of it from the Barilla Protein Plus pasta you buy.

    5. You don't understand how vegans can go without real cheese.

    6. But you do share their love for tofu.

    7. You own this cookbook but never use it.

    8. No one believes you're really a vegetarian because of the growing phenomenom of "pseudo vegetarians."

    9. Fish? Seriously?

    10. It's true that you're a farmers' market pro.

    11. But you still have to regularly check what is in season.

    12. However, you do know that a mushroom is never JUST a mushroom.

    Shiitake mushrooms are NOT the same as portobellos.

    13. Your pantry is really just bulk storage of high-protein grains.

    14. And you add avocado to anything and everything.

    15. Everyone asks you about your protein and vitamin levels.

    16. And you just want to scream that you've got it totally under control.

    17. Even though it's likely you haven't even opened your jar of multivitamins.

    18. But your bag is filled with emergency peanut butter. That counts, right?

    19. When you find out your date is vegetarian your heart stops.

    20. Finally, someone that will be OK with the fact that you think hummus is a food group.

    21. And your olive oil-stained shirts.

    22. At least you instinctually know the perfect roasting temperature for every vegetable.

    23. Even if you eat the same thing over and over again because waiting for the oven to pre-heat is a pain in the ass.

    24. You get frustrated when stores don't have vegetarian protein bar options.

    Learn more about Chapul here.

    25. But always have a good go-to.

    26. You dream of going to La Boqueria market in Barcelona.

    David Ramos / Stringer / Getty Images

    27. And these are the only animals you eat.

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