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28 People Who Revealed Their Greatest Insecurities In A Powerful Photography Project

The What I Be Project aims to draw attention to the silent suffering we all experience. Trigger warning for assault and mental illness.

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6. “I am not my sentence”

Image by Steve Rosenfield

"25 to life. That’s what they told me I was facing for the 2 counts of involuntary manslaughter, 18 counts of trafficking narcotics and 1 count of conspiracy. At 15 years old, I managed to gain all of that in one. single. night. The worst night of my life. The night that I decided that it would be cool to steal some methadone pills, sell them at the Homecoming football game and I gave into peer pressure...Two of my friends, young boys whom I loved and cared for, who were 15 and 17 years old, died that night from overdosing. Dead. Lives GONE, families TORN. I was arrested a few days later and then sentenced to 12 years. By the grace of God, I served only 4 in a youth prison down in Southern California, and at 19, I was released."

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