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This Couple's Pirate-Themed Wedding Is Crazy Beautiful

Ahoy, love ahead!

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In fact, Rebecca, a photographer, and Essie, a stylist, make pirate jewelry and accessories in their free time.

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"We started it late last year when a French filmmaker named Cédric Eugène Desenfants contacted us because he loved our costumes and hired us to make accessories and jewelry for his pirate movie, Burning Soul," Rebecca told BuzzFeed. "After that, we figured why not keep making items and sell them on Etsy?"


So when they planned to get married they decided to go all-in.

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"We do make pirate and other historical clothes, but we're self-taught and wanted the skill set of a professional seamstress to make our wedding outfits absolutely perfect," Rebecca said. "We did design them ourselves entirely, chose fabrics, and then got the amazing Kirstin Rohwer to make them to measure within about the space of a month."

Rebecca said their love of pirates has made their life better in numerous ways.

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They have found pirate events to go to in UK, Germany and the Netherlands, and they have made friends through the pirate-loving community. In fact, they even hosted a pirate band, Pyrates!, at their wedding.