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This Couple's Pirate-Themed Wedding Is Crazy Beautiful

Ahoy, love ahead!

This is Rebecca Magdalena, 29 and her wife Essie, 32. They're in love, and in March 2015, they had the perfect pirate wedding.

The couple, who live in Germany, first met 13 years ago in a Pirates of the Caribbean online forum.

Since then, their love for pirate culture has only grown.

In fact, Rebecca, a photographer, and Essie, a stylist, make pirate jewelry and accessories in their free time.

So when they planned to get married they decided to go all-in.

One month!!

Rebecca said their love of pirates has made their life better in numerous ways.

"When people ask us how we got together, we joke that Jack Sparrow was our matchmaker."

Looks like they found the real treasure.