This Artist Makes Giant Portraits Out Of Salt And They're Amazing

    Just imagine the clean up.

    Dino Tomic, a Croatian tattoo artist and art teacher based in Norway, has turned his eye to a new medium. Salt. The medium is using salt.

    "My wrist was hurting from so much drawing so I needed to take a break," Tomic told BuzzFeed. "I started with salt 3 weeks ago just to relax my wrist - because I only use my shoulder."

    And it's all done with ordinary kitchen salt and a paper cone or bottle that he can spill out of.

    Dino has been updating his Instagram with photos of him working...

    But it's the videos of him destroying the work that he spent so long creating that really are awe inspiring.

    Projects take hours to complete. This beautiful mandala took three days, and a total of 25 hours to make.

    Now you see me, now you don't.