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The 23 Most Boston Things To Ever Happen

God bless the Green Monster.

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2. This sale on Walgreens.

Level of Bostonian: Puking green beer on the green line on St. Patrick's Day.


9. This reminder that Boston sidewalks have it in for you.

Level of Bostonian: Wearing high heels and a miniskirt in the snow.


15. This party animal's business card.

Level of Bostonian: Claiming you're related to Ben Affleck.


And also this.

Level of Bostonian: Having a bachelor's from Northeastern, a master's from Boston College, and a Ph.D. from B.U.


23. This fashion-forward founding father.

Level of Bostonian: "95 is a pahkin' lot!"

Go Sox!

Boston Red Sox


Yuppppp #getsome

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