The 23 Most Boston Things To Ever Happen

God bless the Green Monster.

1. This mathematically sound water warning.

Level of Bostonian: Naming your first son Tom and your second son Brady.

2. This sale on lobsters…at Walgreens.

Level of Bostonian: Puking green beer on the green line on St. Patrick’s Day.

3. This dedicated police force.

Level of Bostonian: Chanting “Yankees suck!” after any Red Sox loss (or win).

4. This kick-ass bride-to-be.

Level of Bostonian: Using Dropkick Murphys lyrics in your vows.

5. This history buff.

Level of Bostonian: Clam fuckin’ chowda.

6. This guy.

Level of Bostonian: Pregaming to Hanging’ Tough.

7. This helpful weather report.

Level of Bostonian: Getting a handy on a field trip to the Salem Witch Museum.

8. These totally sensical directions.

Level of Bostonian: Spending four hours on the 66 bus.

9. This reminder that Boston sidewalks have it in for you.

Level of Bostonian: Wearing high heels and a miniskirt in the snow.

10. This impressive advertisement.

Level of Bostonian: ‘Gansett.

11. This impressive collection.

Image by Luke O’Neil / Via

Level of Bostonian: Having to go to the hospital after falling in the Charles.

12. This collection of dorm rejects.

Level of Bostonian: Allston Christmas.

13. This fan with true team spirit.

Level of Bostonian: Frostbite from going to the Cape in May.

14. This impressive display of fandom.

Level of Bostonian: Complaining about staties in line at the packie.

15. This party animal’s business card.

Level of Bostonian: Claiming you’re related to Ben Affleck.

16. This special treat.

Level of Bostonian: A #BostonStrong tattoo.

17. Owning this…

And also this.

Level of Bostonian: Having a bachelor’s from Northeastern, a master’s from Boston College, and a Ph.D. from B.U.

18. This tiny bit of old-school Boston poking through.

Level of Bostonian: Leaf-peeping.

19. This totally normal reaction to baseball.

Level of Bostonian: Dedicating your first novel to Patrice Bergeron.

20. This winter outing.

Level of Bostonian: Snowshoeing to Dunks for a Coolatta.

21. The fact that even buildings are Sox fans.

Level of Bostonian: Taking a date to Tequila Rain.

22. This MVP driver.

Level of Bostonian: Actually living in Cambridge.

23. This fashion-forward founding father.

Level of Bostonian: “95 is a pahkin’ lot!”

Go Sox!

Yuppppp #getsome

— Boston Red Sox (@RedSox)

Boston Red Sox


Yuppppp #getsome

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