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The 23 Most Boston Things To Ever Happen

God bless the Green Monster.

1. This mathematically sound water warning.

2. This sale on Walgreens.

3. This dedicated police force.

4. This kick-ass bride-to-be.

5. This history buff.

6. This guy.

7. This helpful weather report.

8. These totally sensical directions.

9. This reminder that Boston sidewalks have it in for you.

10. This impressive advertisement.

11. This impressive collection.

12. This collection of dorm rejects.

13. This fan with true team spirit.

14. This impressive display of fandom.

15. This party animal's business card.

16. This special treat.

17. Owning this...

And also this.

18. This tiny bit of old-school Boston poking through.

19. This totally normal reaction to baseball.

20. This winter outing.

21. The fact that even buildings are Sox fans.

22. This MVP driver.

23. This fashion-forward founding father.

Go Sox!

Boston Red Sox


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