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    27 Things That Will Give Literally Anyone Road Rage


    1. When you go in a tunnel and your music stops working.

    2. When someone speeds up so you can't change lanes.

    3. When you're late and hit every red light.

    4. When someone is below the speed limit.

    5. When the person in front of you slows down whenever a car drives near them.

    6. When someone drives in two lanes.

    7. When the person in front of you doesn't pull up because they're too busy texting.

    8. When someone puts their gross dirty feet on the dash.

    9. Backseat drivers

    10. When you have to sit with three people in the backseat.

    11. When you're waiting for a spot and someone takes it from you.

    12. When you take your car in for an inspection and they find something is broken and it will cost you your entire paycheck to fix.

    13. The fact that no one knows how to navigate a four-way stop.

    A four-way stop is an IQ test you take in public.


    A four-way stop is an IQ test you take in public.

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    14. That one friend who thinks they're a great driver but makes you wonder if you'll die in their car.

    15. Tailgaters

    16. When your friend is horrible at singing but won't stop.

    17. When you're about to miss your exit and no one will let you merge lanes.

    18. When someone parks their car on an angle so you can't park on either side of them.

    19. When someone on a motorcycle drives anywhere near you.

    20. When someone sits in their car in a parking spot you need.

    21. When someone doesn't pull up far enough so you can't park in a spot that you should be able fit in.

    22. When a friend borrows your car but doesn't fill it up with gas.

    23. When someone honks at you the second that the light changes.

    24. When you have the right of way and a pedestrian screams at you anyway.

    25. People who forget they have their brights on.

    26. When you turn on the radio and no matter what channel you turn it to it's just people talking.

    27. And when you have to go to the DMV.