22 Things Only SoulCycle Fans Will Understand

Athlete. Legend. Warrior. Renegade. Rockstar. SoulCycle.

1. The first time you ever try to tap it back.

2. The horror you experience when you find out there is no SoulCycle where you’re going for vacation.

FOX / Via reddit.com

3. When someone takes the bike you always use.

4. When it is 11:59:59 on a Monday.

5. And how this could shatter your whole week.

Marissa Morales


@SoulCycleProbz #soulcycleproblems #SoulCycle

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6. When you find the perfect instructor and your life will never be the same.

7. When your closet looks more like a Soul store than someplace to keep your work outfits.

8. When they dedicate a ride to your favorite singer.

9. When you get to class and find you have a sub.


10. When you start to think about Soul so much that it enters your dreams.

I had a nightmare that @soulcycle gave away my front row bike to Jennifer Lawrence and made me sit middle row. #notnormal #soulcycleproblems

— Alexa (@Alexa_Michelle)



I had a nightmare that @soulcycle gave away my front row bike to Jennifer Lawrence and made me sit middle row. #notnormal #soulcycleproblems

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11. When you sign up for too many classes and feel like your legs are going to fall off.

HBO / Via ivillage.com

12. When you get off the wait list and have to cancel all plans and leave immediately.

13. When you’re out and you hear a song you love to ride to.

14. When you find out too late that your bike is wobbly.

15. When you seriously contemplated buying a bike even though it would bankrupt you.

16. When someone tries to judge you for loving SoulCycle.

17. When you try to get everyone hooked on Soul. Literally everyone. Even your dog.

18. While other people are freaking out about the celebrities in the front row you’re all about your ride.

Unless it’s Jake Gyllenhaal or Bradley Cooper because come on…

19. When you try a new class and the instructor’s playlist sucks.

20. When you can’t get into a soul cycle class and you try something else.

It’s just not the same.

21. When you hear “hit the corners.”

22. Yes, sometimes you think you’re going to die. But the high you get when you’ve really given it your all can’t be beat.


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