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The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Short Shorts

And what your Mom would probably think of them.

A lot happened to Taylor Swift in 2014, and her midriff was there to enjoy it all. But so were her short shorts because T. Swift is the queen of high-waisted shorts.

25. This grown-up Girl Scout look.

24. This scalloped look.

23. And this outfit that makes her look like a Fabergé egg.

22. This risqué circus ringmaster.

21. This "not your average pre-school" onesie.

20. This ode to Berlin.

19. This pair that let her shirt do the talking.

18. This tuxedo-inspired number she wore on the Red tour.

17. These jean shorts your mom would probably love.

16. This tiny glitter pair.

15. This fashionable gym exit.

14. This all-Americana look.

13. This country star in Rhode Island look.

12. This little black romper.

11. This summery cutoff and cutout combo.

10. These mini shorts that she wore to sit on a plane.

9. This hipster-chic look.

8. This perfect formal print.

7. This classy number.

6. This ode to Cape Cod.

5. This beautiful curtain look.

4. And this purple number that proves she's got her shit on lock.

3. This waiting-room sofa-chair look.

2. This flawless fringe look.

1. This cute sparkling number.

You do you, Miss Taylor.