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The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Short Shorts

And what your Mom would probably think of them.

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A lot happened to Taylor Swift in 2014, and her midriff was there to enjoy it all. But so were her short shorts because T. Swift is the queen of high-waisted shorts.

Here is the definitive ranking of said shorts. We also imagined what your mom, who always seems to have SOMETHING to say about your outfit, would say.

SPOILER: Everything is too short and Taylor should probably just go change.


21. This "not your average pre-school" onesie.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images for MTV

What your mom would probably say: "How is it cold enough that she has to wear sleeves but warm enough that she doesn't have to wear pants?"


18. This tuxedo-inspired number she wore on the Red tour.

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images for TAS

What your mom would probably say: "Those shorts look tight. Taylor, are you sure that's comfortable? Also, I like her hat. I think your dad has one just like it."


13. This country star in Rhode Island look.


What your mom would probably say: "What an adorable shirt. You'd look great in that shirt. I'm not sure how she got those shorts on, though. Seems impossible."