Definitive Proof That Robert Pattinson’s Jawline Is The Most Important Thing To Ever Happen

    Working theory: Rob's jaw can kill a man.

    This is Robert Pattinson.

    And this is Robert Pattinson's jaw.

    Rumor has it that it's made of cold, hard steel.

    Some say that God rested on the seventh day but that's obviously a lie. He clearly created Robert Pattinson on the seventh day.

    It's like some type of God joke.

    To show what would happen if humans were made out of iron...

    And marble.

    Ha ha good one God!


    You could cut carrots on it.

    Screaming break!


    You could get injured with it.

    It should come with a warning.

    "May cause fainting..."

    "And missing fingers."

    It just hurts so good.

    If there were to be a worldwide disaster...

    Robert Pattinson's jaw could save the world.

    And probably repopulate it.

    And to be honest, we'd all be better off.

    So thank you Rob and Rob's parents and also God, for giving us the jawline to end all jawlines.