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    A Hotel Used Customer Feedback Cards To Create A Clever 2014 Calendar

    The Standard Hotel used their staff to re-enact comments left on survey cards to tell tales of "epic hangovers," rooftop parties and crazy guests.

    “Your staff are the nicest pooch lovers in the world. Penny, my precious little wiener…is looking forward to her next stay.”

    “Thank you for providing a refuge to recover from the harsh world of Los Angeles and its dog eat dog media business…I have been re-born a better man.”

    “I had just given an unflattering review to a volatile pop star’s latest album and heard...he was staying at the hotel. I was certain he was going to exact some kind of revenge…one of your staff kindly offered to stay up with me until I calmed down.”

    “The TV is possessed. No matter which button you push…it just channels down”

    “Quality of toilet paper could be better…3-ply minimum…otherwise it was a great room and enjoyable stay.”

    Pick up the calendar here.

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