14 Simple Ways To Pay It Forward On A Daily Basis

    As these Quora and Reddit users have found, a little good goes a long way.

    1. Compliment those around you.

    2. Pay the toll for the person in the car behind you.

    3. Donate any books you no longer read.

    4. Drop off any food left over from a large event or dinner at a shelter.

    5. If you commute by bike, carry an extra patch.

    6. Or, if you don't have a car, pay for the coffee of the person behind you.

    7. Help carry bags for anyone who looks like they're struggling.

    8. Leave change in places kids are likely to find them.

    9. Let someone cut you in line if you aren't in a rush.

    10. Buy food for someone who needs it.

    11. Offer to take a photo of a family at an event or attraction.

    12. Put vouchers or coupons that you don't need on community notice-boards

    13. Use extra quarters to pay for nearly expired meters.

    14. Bring lost items you find to the lost and found.