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Posted on Jan 12, 2014

20 Signs You're Obsessed With Awards Season

And the Oscar goes to...YOU!

1. You go all out to prepare yourself correctly.

2. Just kidding! But really, you create a pre-season plan to make sure you see everything in time for the first award show.

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3. Finding out who the hosts of the Golden Globes and Oscars are is legitimately huge news.


Because you know a host makes or breaks the show.

4. You keep very close tabs on awards season news year-round.

5. Everyone comes to you for advice on what films to see because naturally, you have opinions about every one.

ABC / Via

6. You create Oscar pools with everyone and obviously always win.

7. Your friends come over to watch and immediately regret it when they realize you're going to talk your way through the entire thing.

ABC / Via

8. And that you will yell at anyone else that does the same.

ABC / Via

Are you me? No? Then silence.

9. You're genuinely confused when people say they don't like award shows.

ABC / Via

10. Because you watch every single one, no matter how small.

ABC / Via

Costume Designer Guild Awards? Sure! When is it on?

11. And you don't even care when they run too long.

ABC / Via

12. Unless it's because of someone's boring ass speech.

ABC / Via

Where the fuck is that music when you want it?

13. You start watching coverage at 4 even though you know it's just chatter.

E! / Via

14. Because nothing is better than watching your favorite people hang out.

15. You say that you find the mani cam totally weird, but you'd secretly do it in a second.

E! / Via

16. You live for moments that you can quote forever.

17. And die for the reaction shots when someone loses.

ABC / Via

Keep it together guys!

18. When someone you want to win actually wins, you feel like you've truly won.

ABC / Via

19. Especially if that person were to be Leonardo.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via


20. But no matter what happens, you love it all because the Academy Award ceremony is its own damn holiday and awards season is the best season of the year!

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