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23 Signs You're A Morning Person

Rise and shine, the early bird catches the worm, and other things like that.

1. You only have to set one alarm.

2. But you usually wake up before it even goes off.

3. You love the silence and peace found only in the morning.

4. Birds chirping? The best.

5. But nothing beats when your city is totally empty.

6. You're all about 7 a.m. yoga.

7. Even better if you can work out when no one else is around.

8. You don't mind if the sun isn't even up.

9. If you sleep in past 10, you feel like your whole day is wasted.

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10. But if you can get yourself to sleep till 8, you feel like a freakin' champion.

11. You're always dressed to perfection because you take the time to actually put yourself together.

12. Half of your Instagram photos are of the sunrise.

13. You have to do all your important work early, or it's just not getting done.

Busting out a paper at 6 a.m.? Way better than doing it at 11 p.m.

14. Missed Scandal? You'll finish it before anyone is awake to discuss it.

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15. When you cheerfully say hi to your co-workers, they all just scoff at you.

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16. You're always in charge of making sure everyone else is awake and ready to go.

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17. Plans after work? You have to chug coffee to make it.

18. Watching a basketball game that ends at 11:30 and knowing you'll be up in five hours: worst feeling EVER.

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19. Your friends invite you to a party that starts at 1 a.m. No thanks.

20. Your favorite time to hang out is breakfast, but no one will go with you.

21. Which makes your mornings kind of boring sometimes.

22. But while all your lazy friends are still sleeping, you've already finished all your errands for the week.

23. Even though you can't explain to anyone why it's so important to wake up early... know being a morning person is the only way to be.

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