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    People Are Shipping The Weirdest Sh*t And It's Kind Of Awesome

    Bellatrix and Sirius Black? Wow.

    We asked fans at LeakyCon (a convention for all things fandom) who they're shipping*. It got weird.

    *Shipping: When fans see chemistry or potential for a relationship between two (or sometimes more) characters or people.

    1. That's daring.

    2. Ohhhhhhh

    3. Holy crap.

    4. We see you Rainbow Rowell.

    5. OK, Charlotte Skeoch.

    6. Dagrid? Really Robbie Jarvis?

    7. Come on, Meghan.

    8. Aw, Hannah!

    9. Yesssss.

    10. Awww.

    11. We feel ya.

    12. Well this is just cute.

    13. Stop, it hurts.

    14. Christmas Dumbledore has spoken.

    15. Uh oh.

    16. No no no no no.

    17. Oof, Nick Shirm.

    18. Oh my god.

    19. What?!

    20. Aw, totally!

    21. Oh dang.

    22. Sames.

    23. OK.

    24. Are you listening Joe and Tessa?

    25. Black Widow and Hawkeye <3

    26. Oh my god.

    27. Come on Sherlock! We all want it.

    28. Oh my god, Holly!

    29. Yes please and thank you.

    30. That'd be one good lookin' couple.

    31. Nope.

    32. Wow John Green.