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22 Sexual Moments From The One Direction Tour That Will Make You Squeal

And they aren't even halfway through the tour. Warning: There is screaming and a lot of thrusting.

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1. When Harry pulled off his pants

2. When Liam thrusted and the world exploded.

3. When Harry worked on his twerkin' skills.


4. When Liam called Harry out for his tight pants.

5. When Harry licked his finger while looking right into the eyes of the fans in the first row.

HQ Harry on stage in Rio de Janeiro tonight #11

1D Updates@WW1DUpdates

HQ Harry on stage in Rio de Janeiro tonight #11

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7. When Liam got fresh with the audience.


8. And Niall got in on the thrusting action.

9. When Harry wondered if he could hang this crown off of his junk.

10. When Liam gave a bit of a wiggle.

11. When Harry felt himself.


12. Literally, every night.


14. And Niall got in on the action.

15. With his own brand of body feelin'.


16. And thrustin'.

17. When Harry danced up on Niall

18. Whatever Liam thought this was.

19. And this caressing moment.


20. This shake.

21. This blatant flirting.

22. And when someone tossed a condom balloon on stage.

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