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26 Peeves Gym Junkies Know Too Well

Do you even lift?!

1. When someone steals your bench.

2. The guy who always yells at the gym.

3. When your cardio machine is out of order on the one day you actually want to use it.

4. Dropping something after a leg day.

5. When someone changes the TV you're watching without asking.

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6. When someone doesn't clear the racks.

7. Or takes a dumbbell to the other side of the gym and just leaves it there.

Who do you think is going to rack them for you?

8. When people don't wipe down their machines when they're done.

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Thanks for the extra sweat.

9. The gym in January.

10. The fact that every time you leave your headphones at home, the gym is playing the same playlist over and over again.

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11. When someone fucks with your protein.

Brandon D


gym problems

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12. When someone is circuit training and won't let you use something because they're going to use it in a few sets.

13. That person who has no idea what they're doing on a machine.

14. When there are no spaces left in your favorite class.

15. People who grunt and drop weights.

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16. That person taking selfies in the mirror.

17. When people do whatever this is...

18. When someone tries to talk to you when you're obviously busy.

19. People who leave towels on equipment and just walk away.

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20. When people do curls in the squat rack.

“@MuscleDaily: AMEN TO THAT #GymProblems ”



“@MuscleDaily: AMEN TO THAT #GymProblems ” 😂😂😂

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21. The person who tries to go as fast as possible on the elliptical.

22. When someone lays out the entire contents of their gym bag all over the place.

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No, that's cool, I'll just put all my clothing on the floor of the locker room.

23. Or basically anything that happens in the locker room.

24. The person who talks on the phone throughout their entire workout.

That girl who talks on the phone at the gym? Yep that's my Roomie!



That girl who talks on the phone at the gym? Yep that's my Roomie!

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25. When someone says girls can't or shouldn't lift.

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26. And when people think they deserve a prize for waking up early once a month to work out.

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But it's all worth it, because nothing is better than a successful morning at the gym.