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9 Reasons You Should Look Into Laser Hair Removal

Say good-bye to waxing!

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1. You only have to go a couple of times and then you never have to go again.

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Every time that you get a treatment you lose about 12% of your hair. Depending on the person, it can take six to eight sessions. But once that's over, you're done!

2. You can shave in between sessions.

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One of the worst things about waxing is that you have to let your hair grow a certain amount before you can head back in. Well, with laser you don't have to! In fact, they ask that you shave before you come in so there is no awkward downtime between.

3. It only takes 10 minutes.

Ten minutes of pain or 45 minutes of pain? This one seems like a no-brainer.

4. It doesn't always have to hurt.

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No, really. Everyone has a different threshold for pain so it's hard to say whether something is bearable or not. However, there are certain lasers that go cold before they zap, which allows your body a little bit of time to get ready and doesn't hurt nearly as much.

5. It can save you more than $2,000.

Women spend more than $3,000 on waxing over 10 years. Depending on where you go, a laser treatment can cost you $1,000. Yes, it's a lot at once BUT you won't have to do it again and you can take that $2,000 and go on vacation somewhere you can show off your new hairless bikini line.

Just a word to the wise: Using a discount card may not be the best idea. If it's not a good laser it may not work as well and won't end up being worth the trouble. Do a bit of research to be sure that saving the money is going to be worth it.

6. The hair won't grow back darker and thicker like it does when you shave.

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7. Say good-bye to ingrown hair!

The lasers cut off blood flow to the hair follicles so the hair falls out from the root.

8. And the laser will even lighten scars from old ingrown hairs.

9. And most importantly, no more waxing!

Bye, hot wax. See you never!

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