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    The 21 Most WTF Moments From Nick Jonas' New Music Video

    We have some questions, little Jonas.

    Before we begin, here is a GIF of Nick Jonas.

    OK, now let's begin looking at the world's most confusing music video.

    1. When he left his childhood and "grattitude" behind him for good.

    2. When he exercised but it wasn't even worth it because he wasn't shirtless.

    3. When he climbed a mountain of gratitude and then couldn't figure out how to get down it.

    4. This Andy Warhol-inspired storage room?

    5. This old lady playing the piano (maybe in heaven) and his sexy girlfriend stopping by to say hi.

    6. Just some grandma time.

    7. Oh shit, she knows all the words. What a good Jonas fan.

    8. When his girlfriend proved that she has no idea how to play a cello but definitely knows how to wear a bathing suit.

    9. But she also gets jealous of old ladies so it's unclear if it's going to last.

    10. **Poppin' bottles break**

    11. How does him killing the light make it bright inside the room? It just doesn't make sense.

    12. Run from your courage!

    13. His NOW! cab in the city of dreams.

    14. The moment he realized his girlfriend is embarrassing.

    15. "I should not have brought her with me. This was a bad idea."

    16. Whatever the hell this is.

    17. This beautiful montage which makes it look like there is more than one Nick Jonas.

    18. The moment that Nick missed his Jo Bro shag haircut.

    19. This weird event outside of Nick's super secret soup store.

    20. This road to nowhere.

    21. And all of this.

    **And here is a random GIF of Nick Jonas to cleanse your palate**

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