Ireland Baldwin And Angel Haze Are On Another Level

The model and rapper are all kinds of beautiful.

Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze have been spending a lot of time together lately and it’s the best thing ever.

They are actually kind of a match made in heaven because they always look flawless.

They aren’t afraid to be a little bit goofy.

And indulge in their childish side.

They’re supportive of each other.

yes lawwwwwd

— Ireland (@IrelandBBaldwin)

And believe in sticking together.

to infinity and beyond

— Angxl Hxze (@AngelHaze)

They’re bonded at the soul.

You are so many things. You have so many meanings.

— Ireland (@IrelandBBaldwin)

Sure, sometimes they can go a little overboard.

Can u just come home. Ireland is stressing me out. RT @GiGiHadid: @AngelHaze @IrelandBBaldwin I miss u guys.....

— Angxl Hxze (@AngelHaze)

And be sassy as fuck.

Me: are you going to remember? Huh? No...b/c you have no memory. Ireland: you know what I also don't remember? Asking you to be a bitch.

— Angxl Hxze (@AngelHaze)

But it always comes back to love.

And my hands hold all the contents of my soul.

— Angxl Hxze (@AngelHaze)

Which is all that matters.

we had a promise made. we were in love.

— Angxl Hxze (@AngelHaze)

And if they ended up together forever…

Jk. Someone get @IrelandBBaldwin to marry me

— Angxl Hxze (@AngelHaze)

Well that would be fine with us.

#TeamIrelandAndAngel always and forever!

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