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18 Seriously Annoying Gryffindor Problems

Being part of Harry Potter's house isn't all gold and glory.

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1. Everyone is like OMG HARRY POTTER all the time.

2. Meanwhile he's constantly getting Gryffindor in trouble.

3. And you're always in fear for your life.

4. You have the smartest girl at the school but she won't let you copy her work.

5. And totally messes up the grading curve.

6. Your dream of being a Seeker was shot the minute Harry walked on the field.

7. You're always expected to be the brave one, even when you literally don't care.

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8. You never know when the head of your house is going to sneak up on you.

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9. Ravenclaws think you're stupid because you rush into things without thinking.

10. There are never any chairs to sit in because the common room is so small.

11. But there isn't anywhere to go because if you're a guy you can't even go to the girls' dorms without the stairs turning into a slide.

12. You're expected to be chivalrous at all times. Even when Slytherins obviously don't deserve it.

13. Which makes it feel even worse when they make fun of you.

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14. You're always stuck waiting on Neville to remember what he's forgotten.

15. The Fat Lady gives you a headache any time she tries to sing.

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16. No matter what you do Snape still has it out for you.

17. And constantly thinks you're up to something.

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18. And yes, sometimes you are because you're reckless and fearless.

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But that's what makes you a Gryffindor.

And that's the best type of wizard to be.