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27 Tattoos To Show Your Dedication To Food

Put your love in ink.

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1. Choosing the right tattoo can be difficult. That is why it is important to dedicate your tattoos to things that you'll always love.

4. Or an artichoke on fire

5. Maybe a badass cupcake?

6. A reminder of how much you love pie?

8. Maybe you just REALLY love tea...

9. Or a little pea in the pod action

10. Or the fanciest pear you've ever seen

11. Not into salad days?

12. But still into veggies anyway? Maybe this would work

13. Or something a bit more minimalist

14. Or just all around goofy

15. Something that speaks to your soul

16. Or is a reminder of your life motto

17. Or a little friend you want to take with you everywhere

18. Maybe you're just a salt addict

19. Or you want something to remind you of your best friend

20. Or something that just makes you smile

21. Or you're about that tot life

22. Or are looking for a dinner party

23. Or a good play on words

24. Try this yummy pineapple

25. Or this delicious donut

26. Whatever you pick just make sure it's fantastic

27. And unapologetically you!

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