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17 Reasons Ballerinas Are The Most Badass People On Instagram

Ballerina? More like baller-ina

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3. They put all their weight on their toes.

Instagram: @alealeworld

4. She is literally twirling ON. HER. TOES.


5. Even their mistakes are graceful masterpieces.

Instagram: @zoedoonar

7. How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How?

Instagram: @katieboren1

8. My legs hurt just looking at this.


9. They're strong enough to basically kick you unconscious.

This ballerina is 13 years old.

10. Meanwhile *falls over just watching this*

Instagram: @katieboren1

11. They can twirl endlessly without losing balance or getting sick.

Human rollercoaster much?


13. And move with such ease, that you can't even imagine them doing anything but dancing.

Instagram: @abtofficial

14. Which is perfect because they also know how to get down.

Instagram: @homerhansbryant

15. And even with all the power they possess, they make it look like child's play.

Instagram: @agerber