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18 American Hotties Who Are Heating Up Sochi

These athletes aren't just world class athletes, they're also world class babes.

1. Jamie Anderson, 23, Snowboarding

When Anderson isn't snowboarding she is a fierce environmentalist. Before every race Anderson hugs a tree. Who doesn't love a hot tree hugger?

2. Shaun White, 27, Snowboarding

Shaun may have pulled out of the slopestyle but we're okay with it. As long as he keeps walking in front of photographers.

3. Lolo Jones, 31, Bobsleigh

Lolo runs track and field, competes in bobsled and is a total babe. What a triple threat!

4. Patrick Deenen, 26, Freestyle Skiing

Since 2010, Deneen has won the World Cup in 2011 and finished second in the overall standings in 2012 and third in 2013. And he looks like, I think we've all won, haven't we?

5. Danny Davis, 25, Snowboarding

Danny suffered from an injury knocking him out before the Vancouver olympics but has been cleaning up in competitions ever since. Lucky for us, he's now at Sochi so we can all enjoy that hair and smile combo!!

6. Shani Davis, 31, Speedskating

Shani was the first athlete to ever win the 1000m race in consecutive Olympics. Pretty damn impressive.

7. Bobby Brown, 22, Freestyle Skiing

Both Bobby and the sport he is competing in are newbies to the olympics. But it doesn't look like he's a newbie to the smiling championships, does it?

8. Jessica Diggins, 22, Skiathon

Jessie won a gold medal in the team sprint in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2013. She also won our hearts.

9. Madison Chock, 21, Figure skating

Madison is a Cali girl but she doesn't seem to have a problem with the cold. Maybe it's because her smile warms the world around her.

10. Katie Uhlaender, 29, Skeleton

Katie has spoken out about her battle with depression and how it almost ended her career. This means she's not only a hottie, and an unreal athlete but she's also an incredibly strong and honest woman. What could be better?

11. Ashley Wagner, 22, Figure Skating

Ashley was born and raised in Germany until she was 11 years old. But we won't hold it against her. She's an American at heart and we'll always love her.

12. John Daly, 28, Skeleton

John Daly was a BMX racer but had to stop after he broke both wrists during a practice run. Lucky for us, he decided to change his plan and learned how to skeleton instead.

13. Aja Evans, 25, Bobsleigh

Like Lolo, Evans was a track and field star before joining the bobsled world. And also like Lolo, her smile is so beautiful it's hard to look away.

14. Bode Miller, 36, Alpine Skiing Men's Downhill

Bode Miller is a father, husband, the most decorated skier in U.S. history and a babe.

15. Kaitlyn Farrington, 24, Snowboarding

To support her snowboarding career while growing up on a cattle ranch in Idaho, Kaitlyn's father would sell a cow every week to make money to send her to competitions. Looks like it was worth it!

16. Jazmine Fenlator, 28, Bobsleigh

Jazmine has been in the bobsled world since 2007 when she graduated college and decided to let go of her track and field career. All these triple threat girls are amazing, aren't they?

17. Hilary Knight, 24, Ice Hockey

Hilary scored the USA's first goal of the 2014 Olympics. Looks like she's off to a good start! Hopefully we'll be seeing more of that smile.

18. Hannah Teter, 27, Snowboarding

Teter donates all of her prize money from snowboarding events and proceeds from the sale of maple syrup from her home in Vermont to support an impoverished village in Kenya. Beautiful inside AND out.