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The 23 Best Things That Can Happen When You're Driving

It’s the only way to live. In cars.

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1. When the person who cut you off gets stuck at the same light.

2. When you open up on a long stretch of road with no one around.

3. When you sit in the passenger seat and watch trees go by until you totally zone out.

4. When you make plans with someone and they pick someplace within walking distance.

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5. When someone tries to cut into a line of cars and no one will let them in.

6. Free valet parking

7. When you catch a glimpse of your dog's face in the side mirror.

8. When your jam comes on in the car.

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9. When the other side of the highway is a fucking mess and you have no traffic.

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10. When you hit all the green lights after a long day at work.

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11. When you drive so late that the traffic lights are turned off.

12. When you win a stand off for a parking spot.

13. Or even better, when you pull up to a parking spot right as someone is leaving.

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14. When someone volunteers to be the designated driver.

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15. And you can lean back and put your feet on the dash.

16. When you get good news and rock out in your car.

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17. When you were speeding but the cop stops someone else.

18. When you perfectly parallel park in a spot that you aren't sure you can fit in.

19. When you roll up next to your best friend's car.

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20. When you turn the wheel with one hand to the perfect spot.

21. When you aren't sure what side the gas cap is on, so you randomly pick and then are right.

22. And when you put your hand out the window...

23. While you drive down an empty highway or country road.

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